Brew It Right

Trying to brew delicious coffee for a crowd?  Frustrated that your coffee doesn't taste as good as it should?

Mission Coffee Roasters can help! 

Once you know our coffeehouse brewing secrets, you can do it right!   

Say goodbye to bitter burned coffee and hello to smooth delicious coffee goodness.

Read on to learn the 5 G’s to brewing good coffee, cup after perfect cup, at your church, office, coffeehouse, restaurant, or home. 

1.    Good coffee – It starts here.  Ordering fresh roasted specialty grade coffee from an experienced coffee roaster such as Mission Coffee Roasters is mission critical!

2.    Good water – Coffee is about 98% water.  If the water tastes bad, so will the coffee.  You might need a filter to remove any bad tastes or odors.

3.    Good equipment – water filter, coffee grinder (if budget and space allow), and coffee brewer should be commercial grade (not at home necessarily), of good quality, and be well maintained.

4.    Good brewing technique – the right ratio of coffee to water, using pre-warmed air pots or coffee decanters, grinding right before brewing (if possible).

5.    Good handling – How you treat your delicious brewed coffee before your guests drink it is just as important as all the other steps above.  Make sure not to warm or reheat brewed coffee (this means no hot plates or warmers and NO PERCOLATORS, EVER – did we mention that PERCOLATORS are EVIL – PURE EVIL?!?!?).  Also, don’t hold brewed coffee past about 45 minutes without dumping it and brewing a fresh pot.