Fundraiser packs come with FREE SHIPPING

A box of 6 bags of delicious (light to medium roast) coffee can help you earn $24 (or more) toward your fund raising need. 

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Buy a box of 6 coffee bags from us
Step 2: Sell the six bags of coffee in this box for a suggested $14 each
Step 3: Make $84 total and put $24 into your fund!

Simply ask your supporter (this works great at church or office) to agree to take one to two bags per week from you. As they drink the coffee during the week, they can look forward to an automatic refill while you look forward to earning more toward your fundraising goal. 

This is proven to work!

The most successful fundraisers earn the most possible money toward their missions trips and fundraisers by trying a subscription idea. It is so easy to do.


We had a lady whose family (husband and son, including her) who were going on a summer missions trip to Peru. This lady managed to sell over 50 bags a week leading up to their trip! She earned over $200 per week toward their missions trip. It was fun and easy (in part because the coffee is so good).

How she did it: 
This lady is a teacher, so she sold the coffee to fellow teachers at school and to friends and family at her church. 
Every week she ordered another 50+ bags and made another $200+ dollars!

Our Coffee

Our coffee has sold at grocery stores, churches, and as a private label fundraiser for large ministries for over 10 years. Some of our current and past clients include CompassionFocus on the Family, and Desperation / New Life Church. Order a box today to try it out for yourself, your church, your youth group, missions team, or school.

One More Thing

If you are a part of a charter school, ministry, or nonprofit that needs year round funding, please visit our and our sites for an example of an online-based coffee fundraiser that we can custom tailor for your school, ministry, church, or non-profit.