The Gourmet Basket

Don't panic. I can explain. 

You see, so many people keep doing things the same way just because no one has taken the time to explain. That's why I'm here. Basically what my sketch explains is that there are TWO basket options with the BUNN maker we recommend for smaller congregations. Many coffee shops, offices, and churches around the country are using this coffee maker and even buying >>good beans<<, but their coffee still comes out bitter because they are using the "default basket" that comes with the maker.

When you buy the BRAND NAME w/LINK you have the option to add on $15 to your grand total and trust me - it's SO worth it. Here's why. 

1. Less isn't always more
When you use less coffee and more water, you end up over-extracting your beans. Over-extracted beans = bitter coffee. Coffee, when properly ground, has a very thin layer of oils on the exterior layer of the grind. When the hot water first washes over it you get that MM-MM good coffee flavor. However, if the water keeps washing over the beans it will use up all the good oils and begin to cause the beans to further disintegrate. When this happens, you are still getting "coffee" runoff, but the runoff is getting to the acidic base of the grind and therefore it will taste like... yucky. 

2. We all need room to breath
The standard drip coffee method works best when the water and beans have room to dance around a bit before the good stuff comes out the dripper. When you use a shorter basket it's just cutting this relationship short. 

3. Because I said so
Ok, not really. But seriously. If I had a dime for every phone call I have spent explaining these theories to frustrated secretaries around the US, I would be able to buy them all a gourmet basket to prove my point. I may not be omnipotent, but I do know coffee. Trust me - the bigger basket (and good beans) will be the answer to your bitter coffee woes.